Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

Welcome to a Whole New Way to Eat Healthy

About Us


Healthy, Whole Food

Whether you want to lose weight
(one of our founders lost over 200 pounds!), reverse diabetes (yup he did that too),
reverse heart disease,  or
simply want the best for your family . . .
Plants are the way to go. 


From Plants

An overwhelming body of scientific evidence is now showing that eating plants is the best way to
While we believe that eating ONLY plants is the key to a long healthy life, we realize that not everyone feels that way.
Our meals are 100% "Plant Strong" but, that does not mean you can't add your own meat.  
We welcome vegans, vegetarians and carnivores who want to eat fewer animal products. 


Made Ridiculously Simple

We also realize that this is a whole new way of thinking about food.
The Harvest food Box Company
does the hard work for you.
We provide PRE-COOKED, PRE-MEASURED & PRE-CUT ingredients for you to
simply put into a crockpot
before you leave the house in the morning.  

Dr. Russ L'HommeDieu, DPT (Doc Russ) Doctor of Physical Therapy, Vegan Chef, Weight Loss Expert, Former Ice Cream Shop Owner (oh the shame of it!) and proud LOSER of over 200 pounds. He has lectured at the Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and taught at The Natural Food Gourmet Institute to name just two. Author of the Jack and Jeannie cartoon strip, "Lose Weight for Good" and "How to Know You Are a Local North Fork Edition"
Karen L'HommeDieu, LMSW is a social worker and a Vegan Chef with experience helping people change their life for the better.
Karen and Doc Russ have a private coaching / counseling practice in Cutchogue where they work with individuals, couples and businesses to be the best they can be.
They also do live-in healing / learning intensives for people at their home on Nassau Point in Cutchogue where they have set aside a separate living space for clients with a private entrance and bath.  

Got Questions? CLICK HERE to read our Frequently Asked Questions page

Our Mission

The Harvest Food Box Company provides easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious ready to cook one pot meals designed to work well in a crockpot, stovetop or pressure cooker.  

It is the goal of the HFBC to educate, promote and support individuals as they endeavor to live and eat in the most compassionate, healthy and weight loss supportive way possible by mindfully consuming whole plant foods. 

We seek to help people at every phase in the discovery of plant-based eating to connect with good, healthy and whole food by engaging in cooking even at the most basic level. 

"We Deliver Compassion"
We support people engaging in compassion through sharing food, ideas, good intention and love. 

Our Why

To Change The World

We truly believe that eating a plant-based diet is the healthiest, most sustainable and most compassionate way to eat and live. 
We believe it can treat obesity and a host of other diseases.
We believe that eating other beings is cruel and unnecessary. We believe a plant-based life sets the stage for humans to be more loving and compassionate beings.
We believe that it helps reduce our carbon footprint and that reduction or elimination of animal farming will benefit the planet.  


It Healed Us

 This lifestyle change saved Doc Russ' life ( he was over 400 pounds SEE VIDEO ) and, over the last 15 years, he has been working with people to lose weight and live healthier, more compassionate and happier lives.  

 We serve THREE core compassionate values  
Compassion for self
Compassion for all living beings  
Compassion for the planet  

We Want to Help, We Don't Judge

 Harvest food box was created to help people eat more plant-based. It's for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores looking to improve their health.   

Although our hidden (or not so hidden) aspiration is to help the human population eat 100% plant-based, we make no judgments and wish to assist everyone in discovering the healing power of plants and a more compassionate life. 
We support the need of every human to walk their own path in their own time.  

This is More Than a Business

Feeding people and teaching people is part of our healing practice which is why we really appreciate the opportunity to serve new customers. 


Contact Us

Harvest Food Box Company

8595 Cox Ln, Cutchogue, NY 11935

631-616-4170 or 800-363-9649


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